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We specialize in leasing and financing class 8 trucks to independent owner/operators. Russ Darrow Leasing has been in the leasing and finance industry for over 25 years. Our experience has allowed us to tailor our programs for independent owner/operators.

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About Us

The Russ Darrow Group traces its roots to a Chrysler-Plymouth auto dealership opened in West Bend, Wisconsin during 1965. By the mid 1980's, when the Group had expanded to include many additional franchises, we needed a leasing product for our business customers. Thus, Russ Darrow Leasing was born.

After over a dozen years providing automobile and light duty truck financing to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Upper Midwest, Russ Darrow Leasing identified a second niche in the heavy-duty truck finance market. Ever since, we've been targeting small operators whose fleet sizes range from zero (start-ups) to six and who seek the affordable monthly payments and hands-on service we've become known for. Our mission isn't simply to finance the purchase of a used Class 8 truck. We work with our customers to keep their trucks on the road in good times and bad.

Preferred Used Truck Financing Program

Russ Darrow Leasing Maximum Finance Amounts
Platimum Program (710 Minimum FICO)
Mileage Established O/O Start-Up
Less than 450,000 $49,000 $41,000
450,000 to 549,999 $49,000 $39,000
550,000 to 599,999 $47,000 $36,500
600,000 to 649,999 $43,500 $33,500
650,000 to 699,999 $35,500 $30,500
700,000 to 799,999* $31,000 $24,000
Other Finance Programs Available

GOLD:  670 minimum score, advances $31,000 - $43,500 for established O/O*; $21,000 - $36,500 for Start-Ups*
SILVER:  650 minimum score, advances $27,000 - $30,500 for established O/O*; $29,500 max advance for Start-Ups*
BRONZE:  600 minimum score, $24,000 max advance

All applicants must have demonstrated in the past their ability to handle a monthly installment payment and must have adequate resources to handle any future maintenance and repair needs. They should have had no significant credit problems over the past few years and should never have had a previous truck loan default.

One truck per customer. Applicant must have 2 years CDL over the road experience and must be the driver unless they have 2 years hiring experience and the driver is not a relative. Class 8 trucks only. No vocational trucks or Sterlings.

*Amount based on mileage, will consider higher mileage with proof of engine overhaul. Applicant must have at least $6,000 revolving credit available and experience paying an installment debt of at least $600 per month to qualify for Silver or Bronze.

Preferred Engine Overhaul Financing Program

We'll refinance a truck, including the cost of overhaul if the following conditions are met:

Driver Support Program - Summary of Customer Benefits

1. If you make all scheduled payments on time, you will qualify for the following:

  1. Waiver of prepayment penalty for early termination if it occurs after the eighteenth month of your contract term.
  2. A deferral of up to two payments in the event of an equipment failure. The deferral can only be requested once during your contract term and must be supported by proof your truck needs a minimum of $3,000 in repairs.
  3. Assistance for repairs greater than $3,000. In the event your truck has a breakdown, Brandi Walters, our truck logistics expert, will assist you in finding a repair shop, if necessary. In addition, we will finance up to 50% of the repair cost and rewrite your contract if we pre-approve the repairs and shop. You can reach Brandi during normal business hours at 262-253-7534.

2. Insurance claim assistance.

Amanda Sengmanivong, our insurance expert, will work directly with your insurance carrier to help you receive prompt payment of your insurance claims for vehicle damage and theft. You can reach Amanda during normal business hours at 262-532-2002.

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Dealer Loyalty Program

We award a base commission to our dealers for every transaction funded. Typically, 75% of the commission is paid in cash when the contract is executed. The remainder is paid fifteen months later, if the contract is still current at that time.

Please contact us to learn our base commission amounts and how you can increase them based on the volume of business you submit to us each month. You will earn bonuses starting with the first unit you finance through us each month!

Dealer Loyalty Handshake

Credit and Funding Process & Contacts

Phone: 800-501-9786  -  Fax: 262-923-1238 Credit Applications

What is needed:  Credit application (including credit reference of [1] relative & [2] friends that do not live with applicant), invoice, truck specs with mileage, and any truck & price changes. All credit applications can either be faxed (262-923-1238) or emailed in. Emailed credit applications should come directly to kathy.marien@russdarrow.com with a cc to christina.faber@russdarrow.com.

Doc Requests

What is needed:  Delivery date, invoice, clear copy of front & back of title, and agreed to terms in months, (options on approval) requested back. All doc requests can either be faxed (262-923-1238) or emailed in. Emailed doc requests should come directly to kathy.marien@russdarrow.com with a cc to kathy.levy@russdarrow.com.

Titling, Registrations, Funding, Checking In of Documents

If you have any questions about the above items, you should contact Debra Tearney at 262-253-7546 (ext. 546 if using our 800 number) or debra.tearney@russdarrow.com.

GPS Devices

To see if a GPS is working, please contact Debra Tearney or Kathy Marien. Debra at 262-253-7546 (ext. 546 if using our 800 number) or debra.tearney@russdarrow.com. 262-253-7503 (ext. 503 if using our 800 number) or kathy.marien@russdarrow.com.

Credit Manager

All questions concerning approvals and declines should go to our credit manager Janet Johnson. Contact Janet at 262-253-7539 or janet.johnson@russdarrow.com.